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Learning with Etoys - Imagine Invent Inspire

All school children should have the opportunity to engage with computers in the most meaningful way. Learning to think and using the computer to discover and work with powerful ideas is the knowledge of true value. The community of Etoys users is working toward the dream of having all students become computer literate.

This book only covers a small portion of those items. As you and your students learn some of the basic techniques, you will find more and more uses for them. The process of learning Etoys is just that, a process; the learning is on-going even though projects are begun and finished. Students will enjoy becoming experts and sharing their knowledge with others in the classroom.

Imagine this: A group of learners want to visualize what they Imagine so they go to Etoys to Invent their dreams and Inspire each other by building on their various Etoys projects. Today's learners need this kind of experience to be prepared for the future.

You can download the .pdf and read it on every computer or print it.

Click to download pdf-Version

You can also download the epub version, which is the format for the books activity on the Xo computer.

Click to download epub-Version

Or you can download the mobi version for the kindle devices and kindle reader software.

Click to download mobi-Version

A version for lulu is coming soon!

- How we wrote that book - Who the intended audience is - what help do we need - how to give feedback

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